Ryan James Mankowski

Healthcare & Medicine

About Ryan James Mankowski

Ryan James Mankowski has been building experience working in the medical system around Melbourne, Florida, since 2007. He has always had an interest in the medical field and has enjoyed getting to explore various facets of caring for patients, from working in a pharmacy context to hands-on patient care and telehealth work. Ryan has always been eager to expand his knowledge through continuing education and certifications, ensuring that he is up-to-date on the latest developments in patient care and best practices.

From 2007 to 2014, Ryan James Markowski worked as a Registers Pharmacy Technician for a local medical center. This involved filling and sending prescriptions, delivering medical supplies within the hospital, managing phone calls, and coordinating with other medical professionals to ensure patients received the care they needed. While working in this role, he was also working on furthering his education. He completed an Associate of Arts in Psychology and I.T. through Brevard Community College and Eastern Florida State University, followed by an Associate of Science in Nursing from Keiser University.

After completing his nursing degree, Ryan James Mankowski pivoted his career. As a Registered Nurse (RN) in the state of Florida, he has since worked in a variety of nursing settings across three different hospitals. His first position was in a Neurology Progressive Care Unit as part of a nurse residency program. This role helped him build hands-on experience working with patient care while expanding his experience working with a medical team.

In 2014, after the residency program came to an end, Ryan James Mankowski took on a full-time position in a stroke and orthopedic unit. Working as an acute inpatient hospital floor nurse, he learned more about assessing patients, managing rehabilitation plans, and handling a wide variety of scenarios. Additionally, he routinely provided coverage in other units, gaining a breadth of experience and knowledge that has helped him become a more adaptable nurse. Several years later, he took a position at another facility working in a progressive care unit.

Ryan James Markowski is not only a compassionate and skilled nurse when it comes to hands-on patient care, but he also has experience with a wide range of software and technology tools used in medical settings. This includes Pyxis, PULSE, and Meditech. He is passionate about safety and integrity and has always been conscious of policy guidelines in his care. Ryan strives to provide the best care possible for every patient he works with.

Most recently, Ryan James Markowski took on a new approach to nursing. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, telehealth has become a rapidly expanding option for healthcare providers. As a telehealth triage nurse, Ryan took calls, assessed situations, and triaged symptoms in order to provide care advice and resources. He gained valuable experience navigating mental health, crisis situations, and new technologies. Ryan enjoyed this new context for his skills, helping to reach patients in unique ways. He hopes to continue working in the telehealth field, advancing this new and innovative approach to healthcare while expanding his professional skill set.